Our Cloud Solutions

Every business requires a computing infrastructure that can quickly adapt to their needs. The Ecritel Cloud Center is a fully Managed Cloud Solution which provides the flexibility to meet your evolving business needs.

Outsource your infrastructure while retaining full control of your information systems!


Multi-tenant high performing infrastructure: Self-Service portal combined with our world-class management services provides the best of both worlds. Easy, self-service, fully customizable, on-demand resources within Ecritel’s Managed Cloud Hosting platform.


Dedicated Infrastructure in our managed datacenter: An environment built and maintained to your exacting specifications with Ecritel’s world-class expertise and assistance. Let us collaborate with you to create an infrastructure specifically built to meet your needs.


Ecritel’s world-class engineers can create a hybrid environment combining your in-house infrastructure with Ecritel’s Managed Cloud (public and/or private) to create a custom solution to meet your business needs and technical requirements.

Our Service Level Commitments


Guaranteed Availability

15 Minutes

Guaranteed Intervention Time

4 Hours

Guaranteed Restoration Time

Our Managed Services Packages

Ecritel offers different levels of service, all of which guarantee the highest levels of availability.

Real-Time Supervision (hardware & network) 24 hours a day yes yes yes yes
Hardware Maintenance yes yes yes yes
Ticketing Interface yes yes yes yes
Intervention (optional) yes yes yes yes
On-Site Support (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) yes yes yes
Operating System Administration yes yes yes
Maintenance in an Operational State yes yes yes
Administration of Software & System Components yes yes
Updates (security patches, versions and software components) yes yes
Dedicated Project Leader optional yes
Customized Monitoring Options yes
Change Control yes
Availability & Performance Indicators yes
Maximum Service Level Agreements (SLA) yes
Monthly Steering Committee yes
Support (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) yes

We also offer Custom Support Packages and Service Level Agreements to meet your workload’s specific requirements.

Ongoing Support

To optimize your ROI, Ecritel works with you to boost the performance of your infrastructure. We take a personalized approach with solutions carefully adapted to meet your requirements.

The Project Leader

You will have a dedicated Project Leader who will be your key point of contact supporting you throughout the project. He/she will manage the installation, operation and support teams, guaranteeing the satisfactory performance of your operations.

Our Project Leaders are experts at migrating your business systems and draw on their experience to implement, migrate and manage your critical infrastructure.

The Steering Committee

If requested, Ecritel will gladly form a Steering and Monitoring Committee for your IT infrastructure. Leveraging custom reports from our Operations Team, the committee will validate Ecritel’s compliance with: ITIL best practices, the Service Quality Plan and the Service Level Agreement.

In addition, the committee will verify the quality of the deployment, the operational maintenance of the infrastructure and the overall management indicators while providing recommendations for constant improvement.

Specific Operational Requirements

Some applications have unique requirements. In these cases, the Operating Procedures would be detailed in the Operating Schedule. Our engineers are tasked with executing the specified Process & Procedures as well as updating the Change Control Log.

Advantages What we offer
Our service level agreement means that you can be sure of a minimum processing time for your requests.
In the event of an incident, we will carry out the necessary checks and cascade the problem to the network or systems operation departments.
Details of work performed and operating incidents are stored in a Change Control Database in order to maintain a complete history of your infrastructure and the solutions provided.
We keep you informed throughout and when the work is completed: we will notify you via e-mail, accompanied by a detailed report describing the actions performed.

Reasons to choose us


  • Leverage the benefits of Ecritel’s Managed Cloud Offerings which allow your computing infrastructure to automatically adapt to your ever changing business needs and demands.


  • Maintain maximum performance with Ecritel’s Managed Hosting Platform that can handle the ebbs and flows of the demands of your business.


  • We guarantee but typically exceed 99.99% uptime 24/7/365.


  • Ecritel’s datacenters are fully redundant with multiple power, cooling and broadband connections ensuring continuous high performance. Always.


  • Easier and less restrictive than most. Ecritel’s Managed Cloud Hosting infrastructure lend themselves to a rapid deployment.


  • When you choose the Cloud, your energy costs are reduced, making you more environmentally friendly.

In selecting Ecritel as our cloud hosting partner, we found a company that is responsive and reliable; a company where the words partnership and teamwork mean exactly that; where communication is valuable, fast and thorough. Our team enjoyed working with the team at Ecritel and as a result, we were very confident deploying a mission-critical, mobile site that performed at 100%.
Thank you to everyone at Ecritel for excellent service.
Cath Devlin, Founder, Devlin Digital Inc. / Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto.