Dedicated teams to meet your needs

Our Engineering and Architecture teams have the latest certifications from Cisco, VMware, Microsoft and EMC.

Research & development

Our R&D Team is the heart of Ecritel, creating and constantly improving our offerings.

Information systems

This team is tasked with the development and maintenance of our internal toolsets (e.g. APIs, ERP, CMDB, Client Portal, etc.).

Installation & migration

As the name implies, this team is responsible for the planning, deployment and implementation of your solution.

Project leaders

Your primary technical contact and the Team Leader.

System administration

Our Client Support Specialists who specialize in either Unix/Linux or Windows are available 24x7 to handle Level I and II escalations. This team has two areas of focus:

The System Team maintains our shared cloud infrastructure,

The Premium Team maintains our dedicated, private infrastructure according to each client’s unique specifications.

Network administration

This team maintain Ecritel’s Backbone and Client Networks. They are on-call 24x7 for immediate intervention.


Our Client Experience Specialists monitor the environment 24x7x365 in each of our datacenters and are our first responders to any alerts or customer requests